NEO: Plataform for Digitalization of the Pharmaceutical Industry

Do you need to increase the efficiency of your manufacturing operation?

NEO is a Digitalization Ecosystem that connects People, Processes and Data. Using our tools, your manufacturing operation can achieve full efficiency and greater results.

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There was a time when industrial systems were confined to islands of automation.

In the past industrial systems were confined to islands of automation, then they gained networks and today they break down barriers to connect devices and people.

On our side, we do everything possible for you to take full advantage of the technologies you already use on a daily basis to connect Equipment, Processes and People.

The result of all this is that we increase your efficiency, save your time and consequently your resources, making people more connected and allowing them to enjoy full efficiency.


Have you thought about having everything integrated and being able to see your data in a consolidated way?

Access process and equipment data whenever you want and whenever you are.

Get to know Neo's modules:

Solution for batch electronic record control.

Workflow management solution for the pharmaceutical industry.

Weighing and dispensing solution.

Task automation Solution to keep your team up-to-date and synchronized.

IoT solution that connects the factory with our infrastructure.

Integrated solution for performance monitoring of industrial equipment.

Communication solution that connects those on the factory floor with those outside.

Image Inspection Solution with Artificial Intelligence.

Workflow report management solution.

An overview of operations in the Pharmaceutical Industry:

Operations have changed:

  • Increasingly tight profit margins;
  • Greater competition in the market;
  • Difficulty in hiring specialized resources.

And that reflects in:

  • Less investment capacity;
  • Less liquidity;
  • High resource turnover due to the increased workload in the current positions.

We are solving it using sensor data and process data

How do we propose this?

  • Improving data collection with IoT devices.
  • Improving the efficiency of operations by monitoring processes in real time.
  • Making today’s resources more advanced in operation and decision making.

What is the impact?

  • Better decision support based on information;
  • Automatic process monitoring with data management and alert monitoring in real time;
  • Connecting People, Processes and Data.

Control the time of your processes

Increase your production performance

Keep the team integrated

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